Velebit Nature park

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Velebit is Croatia's largest mountain range. Over its entire length of 150 kilometres, Velebit has been protected as a nature park, together with two national parks and a series of smaller specially protected areas.

With more than 2,000 square kilometres, Velebit Nature Park is by far Croatia's largest protected area. This magnificent mountain range has two faces, bare rocky slope on the coastal side, and vast forests on the continental side.

The mountain range abounds in natural values such as unusual rock formations, wild canyons, deep pits and caves. The area is particularly rich in endemic species of plants and animals, such as the Velebit degenia, Croatian bellflower, Croatian sibirea, long-fingered bat and capercaillae.Due to its special natural values, in 1978 UNESCO included the Velebit mountain range in its international network of the Man and Biosphere Reserve (MAB).