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Zaton is a settlement situated in the bay which bears the same name, at the utmost west end of the Šibenik's Bay into which the river Krka outflows. It is 10 km away from Šibenik.

Zaton existed already in the 15th century. Old burial grounds from the 6th until the 1st century B.C. were discovered near Zaton in the area of Velika Mrdakovica, while the remnants of a settlement of the "gradina" type and of a fortification system were discovered at the very "gradina" Velika Mrdakovica.

The inhabitants are traditionally engaged in sheep-breeding and fishing, and in more recent times in tourism and market. The sea path between Šibenik and Zaton represents a well-known rowing path suitable for international and national competitions in rowing, while many national and international teams come here in winter time for training due to favourable climate.Private accommodation is available.