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The Town of Skradin, situated only about 15 km from Šibenik, represents one of the oldest Croatian cities. The area was inhabited from as early as the times of the Illyrians, and it owes its name to the Romans since the town was a part of the Roman property in Dalmatia.

The antique town of Scardona, an important administrative, traffic and trade centre, was built at the location of the Illyrian town. It was destroyed in the 7th century, during the attacks of the Slavonic tribes, but was restored by the Croats. Under the name of Skradin, it was for the first time mentioned in the 10th century as the seat of the bishop.

Its position nearby the National Park "Krka" makes it one of the most important Adriatic destinations in relation to nautical tourism. The ACI nautical port is located in the centre of Skradin. Accommodation is available in the hotel "Skradinski buk", pensions, apartments and private rooms.