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Zlarin is one of the islands of the Šibenik archipelago, and it is one of only six inhabited islands in the archipelago. It is situated almost in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic coast, and it's the nearest island to the Town of Šibenik. Because of its distance of 3.5 n/m from Šibenik, it seems to be an ideal place for vacation and escape from the city noise. It is a picturesque and a quiet Mediterranean settlement made of old stone houses mixed with modern architecture.

Since the time of its first mention (700 years ago) its appearance hasn't been much changed. Due to the enthusiasm of a few people, the construction of modern infrastructure has recently been started. In spite of 16 km of newly constructed roads and paths on the island, the car traffic is forbidden, which makes it an oasis for long walks and bike rides. It's well known for coral fishing and processing.

Zlarin is known also as a green island, because if one observes it from the north-east there is a beautiful view towards the island covered by vineyards and olive gardens. Accommodation is available in the hotel "Koralj", and also in private rooms and apartments.

Besides corals and peaceful environment, the island of Zlarin is also known for the "Bodulska balada" event, which has international reputation. Entertainers from all over Croatia sing and play music about Croatian islands in a unique way, and artists from all over the world donate their works of art to the development of the island itself.