Drnis Municipal Museum

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Drniš City Museum is situated at the town entrance, near the bridge over Čikola river. Apart from the collection of Ivan Meštrović's works which holds about 50 works of art, the Museum also exhibits archaeological, cultural and historical collections, a collection of old photographs and postcards, maps and graphics, a collection of weapons and military equipment, a numismatic collection, a collection of medals and decorations, and a contemporary art collection. In the Gallery of the museum, visiting exhibitions are frequently set, and book promotions, concerts and similar cultural events are organized.

Old Mill

Museum manged Old Mill who is situated on the right riverbank of Čikola, approximately 150 meters downstream from the Čikola bridge, at the entrance to the town of Drniš. According to historical sources, it was built in the Middle Ages, and it was probably initially owned by Croatian noble families. Due to its age, building quality, position and environmental value, the Old Mill has been designated as a cultural heritage.