• rakitnica


  • rimska-opekarska-pec


  • sv-ivan


Rakitnica is a settlement that was first mentioned in 1311. Right next to the houses, contours of which can still be seen, the Church of St. John the Baptist was built in 1455. Since there are no inhabitants in the settlement today, the church is in function only twice a year, on holidays celebrating the saint of the same name.

Upon order from Sibenik authorities, the residents began construction of Gradina in 1509, at the time of the Turkish threat. When Rakitnica was seized in 1571, Turks inhabited Gradina, setting up camp there with their huge army. Turks were a threat to all surrounding places from this mighty stronghold. It was only after the definite collapse of Turkish Empire in late 17th century that Turks retreated from Rakitnica.

Even though Gradina has not been maintained, it is still a unique mountaineering experience to climb up there, sit on the walls and observe the endless landscape. Here, you really have the world in the palm of your hand.