Medieval mediterranean garden of the St.Lawrence monastery

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The medieval Mediterranean garden of the monastery of St. Lawrence in Šibenik has been renovated and opened in 2007, after being forgotten for almost 100 years. It is a part of the Franciscan monastery of St. Lawrence and a structural part of the program scheme of the Šibenik's private lyceum.

The project renewal was made by the well known Croatian park architect Dragutin Kiš, the winner of the Flora Millennium Award in Japan in 2000. The garden is a very rare sight because it represents the only monastery garden of the kind in Croatia following the famous medieval scheme: cross paths with little fountain in the middle, simple ground floor planning enclosed by barberry and beautiful old fashioned redolent roses.

Medicinal and season herbs are planted in four fields. A special place belongs to the collection of thyme with beautiful red, violet, grey, light green and dark green leaf colours. Due to the colour combination, the collection is the first-rate artistic and forming sensation. The capers are also one more important sight of the garden. The legend says the capers were brought in Šibenik by Juraj Dalmatinac. The capers have been planted in the wall holes so they remind us of the great constructor Juraj Dalmatinac. Thanks to that useful "medieval" plant it is possible to connect at the same time stone, plant and Juraj Dalmatinac.