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Jadrija, one of city quarters of Šibenik, is located on the peninsula of Srima, about 14 km from the city centre. It is a favourite weekend settlement of the inhabitants of Šibenik, as well as their bathing-place.

The Adriatic road (Magistrala) connects it with Šibenik. There are also regular boat lines Jadrija-Šibenik during the summer months. This bathing-place was founded in 1921 on the islet of St. Andrija. Šime Grubišić – Rovilo, a notable man from Šibenik and a lover of nature, initiated the building of the town bathing facilities. Numerous respectable citizens of Šibenik contributed with their money.

Ante Frua, also from Šibenik, and well-known for his persistent work on afforesting, together with other lovers of landscape, planted a dense pine wood in Jadrija. Today, Jadrija represents a settlement with about 500 family weekend houses. It is also well known for various water sports possibilities.