The church of St.John

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The church of St. John is built in the 15th century in the Gothic-Renaissance style. It was originally named the church of St. Trinity. The staircase is erected next to the south side of the church leading to the chancel.

The staircase attached to the south wall of the church is made by the Šibenik's artist Ivan Pribislavić, and decorated with bas-relief. The balustrade was constructed by the master Nikola Firentinac. He is also the author of the relief on the bell tower, situated on its south wall of the ground-floor (a window and a winged angel with God's Lamb under it).

The reliefs represent the masterpieces of Dalmatian medieval sculpture. A big stone dial of the first mechanic public clock in Šibenik was built in the upper part of the west wall of the bell tower in 1648. It was brought to Šibenik from the town of Drniš, after the Turks left the town in the 18th century.The cupola of the bell tower was removed in 1862 after a strong earthquake.