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The island of Žirje is the most distant inhabited island of the Šibenik archipelago. It used to be covered with dense oak woods, so its name probably derives from the fruit of the tree-acorn.

The island of Žirje is very indented, with numerous bays and a lot of islets and reefs. Since it is the furthest populated island from the mainland in the Šibenik archipelago, Žirje had the role of the advance-guard. A late-Hellenic fort was erected here in the 6th century, whose remnants are visible at Gradina above the bay of Velika Stupica. Žirje had also a key role during the Homeland war in the defence of the Town of Šibenik from the aggressor.

The inhabitants have been engaged in agriculture since ancient times, but fishing has an important role in their economy as well. The seamen from Žirje are also very famous. Today, the inhabitants are engaged in tourism, too. The advantages of the island are beautiful nature, protected bays, and clear sea. Private accommodation is available.