Church of St. Roch

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The church of St. Roch, patron saint of the town, was built in 1731. At that time the plague has decimated the local population and people of Drniš have, under the patronage of prominent ladies Franjica Theodosio and Angela Gili, built the church and dedicated it to St. Roch, protector from the plague. Besides to the altar of St. Rocco, in 1738 an altar dedicated to the Mother of Seven Sorrows was added, and in 1741 yet another altar. The church was completely restored in 2014. The Eucharistic celebration in it is held once a month (on the 16th). Every year the Feast of St. Roch, on 16th August, is celebrated also as the Day of Drniš. On the eve of the feast, as a religious preparation for the feast a Triduum (13th-15th August) is held in the church. The Triduum is preceded by the Musical Evenings in the church of St. Roch (10th–12th August). Numerous visitors and guests visit Drniš for this feast, partake at the mass and the traditional procession through the town, and in the final celebration organized in the town on the evening of the feast.