Biskupija near the town of Knin

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The construction of the Knin fortress started in the 9th century, in the period of forming the Early Croatian Republic. Some Croatian kings had their occasional capital city in Knin, while the king Dmitar Zvonimir had the permanent one here. The fortress consists of five parts connected in-between: Donji Grad (Lower Town), Srednji Grad (Middle Town), Gornji Grad (Upper Town) or Kaštel Knin, Kaštel lab or Bandijera, and Južni Grad (South Town) or station Belveder.

The Knin fortress is one of the greatest Croatian fortification monuments and it is the second largest military fortification in the whole Europe, extremely indented and preserved in all its parts. It is a living monument of culture that includes a museum, exhibition galleries and a restaurant, so it surely represents the main brand in the field of the cultural tourism in the area of the Town of Knin.

The Town Museum of Knin takes care of the Fortress that displays also the archaeological and ethnographic exhibitions. The Knin fortress is open in the period from March 16th to October 31st, every day from 7 am to 7 pm. The working hours out of season are from 7 am to 3 pm. Entrance ticket costs 20,00 kn per person (for organized visits the entrance ticket costs 10,00 kn per person).