The exhibition of the inventions of Faust Vrančić

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On the island of Prvić, the closest to the town of Vodice, there are two settlements: Prvić Šepurine and Prvić Luka. On that little island the Croatian historian, linguist, inventor, diplomat, engineer, humanist and bishop – Faust Vrančić spent his childhood.

The summer residence of his family is still nowadays placed in the settlement of Prvić Šepurine, where the last members of that well known noble family from Šibenik still live. In the other settlement on the island, Prvić Luka, the tomb of that great person of the Šibenik's history takes place in the church of St. Mary of Mercy, and only a couple of meters further visitors can see the temporal exhibition of the models of Faust Vrančić's inventions, counting nowadays about 50 hand-made models, and the construction of the memorial park nearby the Monastery of St. Mary of Mercy dedicated to Faust Vrančić is in progress.

Some of the models of Vrančić's inventions on display are: mill placed on the boat, mill with the contact wheel, iron bridge, bridge in Vienna, homo volans or flying man, sundial, oil press, ship sailing alone along the river, sea bottom cleaner, mill in the round tower, mill in foursquare tower, mill with triangular wings, as well as the Vrančić's dictionary of the five most noble European languages – the first Croatian and Hungarian printed dictionary ever.