The church of St.Cross

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This little parish church was constructed in 1402, in the Gothic style typical for the rural sacral architecture. From the same year dates a document with the first mention of the town of Vodice.

Therefore, the construction of this little church was closely connected with the foundation of the present-day town. The main feature of the inner part of the church is a small baptismal font on a pillar dating from the Romanesque-Gothic period, a unique example in the area of Šibenik.

A graveyard existed around the church of St. Cross. Josip Mrkica, a priest from Vodice and the author of the book of Vodice's customs from 1860, was buried in the church interior.

As a modest priest and a determined member of the Enlightenment movement, Josip Mrkica was the leader of the national enthusiasm in this area in the time of the birth of the Croatian conscience and of trying to unite Dalmatia and the North Croatia.