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Danilo is a well known archaeological site, where numerous rests from the Neolithic, Illyrian and Roman times were discovered, as well as the findings from recent times.

The history of Danilo started already in the Neolithic period, more than seven thousand years ago. The culture named "the Danilo culture'' entered in the Croatian and world literature. The Danilo culture is characterized by well shaped and baked vessels - characteristically shaped pots, pans and plates.

Numerous vessels painted in red or black colour with different motifs have also been found, that served for special occasions. The vessel that in the most obvious way shows the culture of Danilo is rhyton – a decorated vessel with four legs and a big carrying handle.

That vessel is a special trademark of the Danilo culture and it took very important place inside the cult of the Neolithic man, especially during different rituals. One more ceramic object is also connected with the vessel – phalus, characterizing one phase of the Neolithic times, and the both objects put together could be representing the fertility cult in the ritual.